Solving for Box

Hello November!  The leaves are gorgeous, and this crazy Arkansas weather is finally settling in to some cool, Fall weather so I can break out my boots and scarves!

Based on the hit video, my first grade mathematicians solve for box by singing…

What Does the BOX Say??

This past week, I used this because we have been focusing on the structure of our math mysteries with Math Practice #7: I can look for and use structure. {Grab the posters HERE.}

We’ve been mixing up our math mysteries by doing story problems with the middle missing to (missing addends, etc…)  I thought solving for boxes at the beginning, middle and end of our equations would be a great way to connect our fact fluency to what we were doing during math mysteries!

Just “new” it….LOVE!

I love that this packet makes kids notate their thinking and explain their strategies instead of just memorizing or copying off of a friend!  Takin’ that math thinking on up to the next level, ya’ll! 🙂

And while the kid samples above show lots of great thinking and strategies, most of my babies looked like this…


But that’s okay…because now I know just from this little activity that we need to start talking about showing some flexibility in our strategies and showing lots of different ways to solve problems!

….good thing there are 35 pages of no-prep fun solving for box!  We’ve got a lot of growing to do!  Catch this steal of a dollar deal HERE

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