2nd Grade Matter Science Labs

 I love a good, corny joke.  That’s what of the main reasons I love
teaching matter.

What’s the matter with you?

Science matters.

Does it matter?

I’m here all day, ya’ll!  But seriously, I do love teaching
during our 2nd grade homeschool time… and not just because of the corny
jokes.  There’s a lot of opportunity for hands-on science labs about the
states of matter and matter properties.  Let’s take a look at a couple of
my favorite labs for the states of matter and their properties!

States of Matter

We started off this unit with the book,
What is the World Made Of? I love this book because it’s written in a kid-friendly, easy to
understand way and it’s easy for kids to connect to!

(affiliate link)

As we read, we stopped after each state and
it.  Once the book finished talking about gases, we stopped
reading.  We will read the 2nd half of the book when we start talking
about changes in matter.

Once we finished charting the states, we sorted objects into their states.

The next day, we learned that all matter is built with atoms.  And the
arrangement of the atoms matters.  Get it?  Okay, okay, I’m done
with the corny jokes.  Maybe! 🙂

We watched a video about atoms and then built a solid, liquid and gas with
“atoms.”  And we ate a few along the way…

Properties of Matter

Once we had a good understanding of the
states of matter, we were ready to observe some objects and talk about their properties.

This was also a good chance to review our recent work with sensory details and
not just writing that an object feels “good.” 

Oobleck Lab

We ended the week with Oobleck, because…how can you learn about matter and
NOT make oobleck?  We read
Bartholomew and the Oobleck
by Dr. Seuss.  Then we made oobleck and
played with it observed its properties.

We recorded our observations, and he made a hypothesis about what oobleck
is… a “soliquid.” LOL! 🙂

After we watched a video explaining oobleck we made our conclusion!

All of the labs, plans and paper materials are in this
2nd grade Next Gen Matter Unit!

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