3 Eye Catching Bulletin Boards For Back To School

I love looking for fresh classroom decor ideas!  And a new back to school
bulletin board is one of the easiest ways to make my classroom look new and
fresh without a whole lot of effort.

Here are 3 of my favorite bulletin boards for back to school or any time of
the school year!

Lego Bulletin Board

When my oldest was in 2nd grade, we homeschooled because….Covid.  And
he was (and still is) obsessed with legos.  

So it only made sense to do a lego themed classroom and bulletin board. 
This lego bulletin board was quick and easy to make and made a huge visual
impact in our space!

I covered the bulletin board in black fabric.  Then I used Mega blocks
and hot glued them around the edge of the bulletin.

After that, I used our board to attach all of our anchor charts as we made
them.  It made the perfect learning board!  You can read more
details about how I created our homeschool space

This bulletin board
also worked great for adding some inspirational quotes as well!  Grab
this set to make your own

Paintbrush Bulletin Board

Another one of my favorite back to school bulletin boards is this paintbrush
bulletin board.  I made this bulletin for my preschool Sunday School
class and it stayed up for several years because it looked so stinkin

I started with a black fabric background again because….easy! 🙂

Then, I got paint swatches for the border.  This was back when teachers
were using paint swatches for all the things because they were free and super
cute.  I think most paint stores figured out what was happening and don’t
offer them like this anymore.  But I have
this border that
I’ve also used that has the same effect!

Then, I made the paintbrush and added the lettering.  You can find
detailed directions on how I made the paintbrush
here.  I love how gigantic it is, but don’t be scared.  It’s really
pretty easy and can be done in about 30 minutes or so.

I used this for my Christian education space, but
this set of bulletin board letters
comes with general education wording as well so it can be used in so many

Good Fruits Bulletin Board

This last bulletin board is another colorful and eye catching one!  It’s
another great back to school bulletin board and interactive too!

I love using this one as a Fruit of the Spirit bulletin board for Sunday
School to encourage those traits. But it also works well in public school for
character education because it comes with apples to add to the tree as kids
are showing that good character trait or fruit.

You can find the set of bulletin board letters with 26 character traits

You can get more details on how to make and use this bulletin board
interactively in your classroom
in this post.

Looking for an entire year of bulletin boards?  Check out
this money saving bundle of bulletin boards
for each month.  All 3 of the boards featured in this blog are included!

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