3 kindergarten science ideas and topics for engaging, stem based units

With all of the flood of science ideas and pins, how do we which kindergarten science ideas are the best and most appropriate for our sweet kindergarteners?

When I first started teaching (ages ago it seems!), our state science standards were minimal at best. And it was understood that we just taught what we found or wanted. Crazy, right?

The issue was that everybody….I mean EVERYBODY wanted to do the lifecycle of a butterfly. In the Spring, every K-2 classroom had caterpillars they were trying to nurture into butterflies… Tell me we are not the only school this ever happened in?!?

Obviously the problem was that kids in kindergarten, first and second grade learned a TON about butterflies and very little about much else!

The Next Generation Science Standards came out several years ago to give us a good guide one what science topics kids in each grade should be covering. And that made it more difficult to just do whatever you felt like doing for content in K-2.

So, what do the Next Gen Science Standards say are important topics and engagin kindergarten science ideas? Let’s look at 3 main topics that can be grouped into 3 STEM based kindergarten science units.

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Kindergarten Weather Science ideas

I talked about butterflies earlier, but weather is another one that kinda gets taught all the time in every grade too.

But NGSS has said that weather science should be focused in kindergarten.

Kindergarten weather science ideas look like learning weather words, the various types of weather, how to observe and identify weather types, and how to make good decisions based on the weather.

3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: weather unit printables

One of the main things I love about the Next Gen Science Standards is how STEM based they are. Each main thread of science topics includes STEM challenges and explorations for kids. And the weather experiments and STEM challenges are excellent!! This cloud in a jar experiment is always a kid favorite in my classroom.

3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: cloud in a jar weather experiment

Kindergarten Habitats Science Ideas

Plants and animals weave through all of the K-2 science topics in the Next Gen Science standards. So, it’s important to differentiate the focus for each grade… so we all aren’t raising caterpillars and reading Eric Carle in May!

The kindergarten plant and animal focus is habitats! This unit goes over living and non-living organisms first and then moves into the needs of organisms and how that affects what habitats they choose and need to survive.

3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: habitats unit printables

Kindergarten Force & Motion Ideas

Force and motion might seem like an older kid topic, but when you really start digging into the kindergarten science ideas with it, it seems very much in line with where 5 and 6 year olds are at developmentally. Pushes, pulls, what makes things go… these are all things preschool and kindergarten kids are exploring when they are playing with toys!

That’s what I love so much about this force and motion unit…it’s so very play-based. I mean…What kindergartener wouldn’t love building a rollercoaster?!?

3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: rollercoaster STEM challenge

The last one of these 3 kindergarten science ideas from the Next Gen Science standards is force & motion. This kindergarten science unit is chock full of science experiments, stem challenges and chances to play and explore force and motion. I mean, what 5 year old boy doesn’t want to race hot wheels in the name of science?!?

3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: pushing cards science experiment

Grab the Kindergarten Science Bundle with all 3 of these Kindergarten science topics! Each of the units below includes a big idea with essential questions to guide the learning. They have detailed daily lesson plans and science activities that are integrated with literacy as well as hands on science experiments and stem challenges!

3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: weather unit square
3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: habitats unit square
3 Kindergarten Science Ideas: force and motion unit square
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