3 Low Prep Games With Addition and Subtraction for 2nd Graders

Anytime I can find a game for kids to play to reinforce a math skill, it’s a
win for me!  These are some of my go-to games for 2nd graders that are
low prep, easy to learn, and simple to play over and over again!

Doubles Bingo

Doubles are huge in first and second grade because they help unlock so many
math facts and give kids a fluent way to add and subtract.  I love using
Bingo because most kids already know the rules and so it doesn’t take much to
model how to play!

I used one of the doubles bingo boards and spinners from my
Guided Math Workshop Plans
and we were good to go.  We used a pencil and paperclip to make a
spinner.  I played this with my 2nd grader when I homeschooled him during
the #covidyear and it was just as fun with one player as it is with a
classroom full of players.

I love Bingo games because they are great for whole group lessons if you need
something easy for a sub.  They are great for volunteers or aids to do
with a small intervention group in the hallway.  They work well for
parents to use at home too.  And they are great to put in a station like
I do for Guided Math and let kids play in partners.

Roll and Solve

I used LOTS of Roll and _____ games in K-2.  Once the kids know the
framework of the game, it’s easy to change out the skill across all areas of
math, phonics, literacy and more!  The math game shown below is for
practicing specific addition and subtraction strategies.  It’s to force
kids to move away from using the same strategy every single time and push them
to be more flexible mathematicians.

In Roll and Solve, kids have one die.  They roll and solve one of the
math problems in the row of the number they roll.  So, if they roll a 2,
they solve the first box in row 2.  Once they fill a row, they win.

There are different ways to play this game.  You can have a game sheet
for each partner.  Let the partners take turns rolling and solving. 
The first one to fill a row wins.

You can also do what we did in
this version
below.  My 2nd grader and I each used a different color.  He solved
odds and I solved evens.  When he rolled, he rolled until he rolled an
odd number.  I only rolled even numbers.  Again, whoever fills in
the first row wins.  This just saves a few more trees! 🙂

Add and Subtract Tic-Tac-Toe

Everybody loves tic-tac-toe!  And I love using it for practicing
skills.  It’s another one that’s grade for a wide range of skills in math
and literacy!

This printed version is from my
Guided Math Workshop Plans, but I have made hand written copies of tic-tac-toe countless times over the
years to help with Letter or number ID, spelling, decoding words, shapes and

this math game, kids will choose which square they want.  They must correctly solve
the 2-digit addition or subtraction equation before they may put the X or O in
the square.  They must notate how they solved as well.

You can find all of these addition and subtraction games in my
Guided Math Workshop Plans for 2nd grade.

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