Sound Experiments

Saturday School, Daylight Savings Time, and a full week this week, I’m plain ol’ worn out!  But we’ve had so much fun learning about Alexander Graham Bell and the science of sound!

We are starting to finish up our unit on American Contributors.  We’ve learned about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Black History contributors, Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison so far.  This week’s contributor was on Alexander Graham Bell.  We read about Alex and charted our learning. {It absolutely drives me crazy that I found a typo in Alex’s name after we finished the chart…but as exhausted as I was this week, even this OCD gal didn’t have the energy to redo it…}

And we added his most important contribution to our light bulb charts that hang above each table group in our classroom.


Since we were learning about Mr. Bell, we tied in a little science and made telephone cups and tested out how well they worked.  The kids loved this oldie-but-goodie!

Read about more sound experiments here!

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  1. Those American Contributors crafts are adorable and a great idea! Just followed you on bloglovin and look forward to keeping up with your posts!