5 For Friday: February


Today was Valentine’s party day and, well, there was just 50 shades of crazy up in my room today…and basically just this week! 🙂

I’m exhausted and over it and ready for spring….and…thank God for a week off next week for February Break!  Yes, the good Lord knew I would need that break! *wink*

Here’s a 5 for Friday look at some of our February happenings from the last two weeks!

1.  “Show What You Know”
Our team has decided to start giving a short “show what you know” kind of math quiz each Friday to see how our kids are getting our math skill focus for the week.

And I REALLY love that we are doing this.  I think this has been a big missing piece for me the last few years in my CGI journey and I am glad to bring back a few more assessments with evidence to show parents how their kids are doing.  With CGI, it can be difficult to help parents know how to help their kids, but I’ve found that sending home these skill checks is great feedback for parents and gives them something a little more tangible to work on at home in math!

I also am able to keep a running spreadsheet on who isn’t getting which skill so I can pull intervention groups during our Counting Collections or Fact Fluency times {read more about RTI math ideas HERE}.

I have some of these “show what you knows” already in my store and will be adding all of them to my math assessments packet over my February break next week!

2. Presidents’ Day Craft
One of my favorite crafts of the year happens in February.  I just love looking at Abe and George hanging out in our hallway each year!

This fun craft plus a bunch more presidents’ activities you can read about here are in my Presidents’ Day Packet.

3. Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines
Cooper just loved making these for his friends and family!  And he even liked playing tic-tac-toe with me!  He got to sign his name to each one, but his favorite part was tearing the tape and putting the washi tape on!

4. Piece of Cake Valentines
These were a HUGE hit today with my firsties.  They loved the cake and I think they turned out so fun.  And they were super cheap and easy too!  Also, snack bags are just the absolute best! #teacherobsessions

Working on all of our Valentines this year, reminded me just how much I love washi tape.  Like ***LOVE*** it.  I really don’t know what I did before washi tape.

BUT the one downfall with washi tape and kids (as I discovered in December when I made Grinch-Doh), is it’s not all that sticky.  And once you put a bunch in a bag altogether, they just start coming off!

So, this time around, I stapled first and then covered up the staple with the washi tape.  SUCCESS!  I’m sure I’m not the first one to discover this, but when this idea came to me this week it was like angelic choruses playing in my head!  It doesn’t take much to make this teacher happy! 🙂

5. Mommy’s King of Hearts
I’d be breaking tradition if I let February get by without sharing some more pics from my awesome father-in-law photographer of my little valentine.

So glad I stumbled upon this adorable shirt from gap.com because it made taking pics super simple…and thank goodness for that!  My February was just too crazy to make things difficult with pictures!

And because I’m biased and it’s just too hard to pick a favorite, here are a few lot of pictures of the king of our hearts!

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