Valentine’s Crafts and Gifts

Here are 4 random *L*O*V*E* thoughts for the evening to help you prep for Valentine’s Day.

DIY Heart Stamps

Last weekend, we made heart-stamped valentines for grandparents and great-grandparents using toilet paper rolls.  Thanks to {wait for it…} Pinterest for the idea!

Then, we used Cooper’s thumbprints to sign the valentines!

Valentine’s Bag Crafts

My firsties always use hearts to decorate their bags and I like for them to use some creativity and not just make something I tell them to.  But…that usually means that 22 out of the 25 Valentine’s bags look like hearts have vomited all over their bag {Can I get an Amen??}  So I turned to {wait for it…} Pinterest for some ideas.  I stumbled upon this heart animals montage along with some others.  I posted pics of the animals on our Smart Board and the kids chose a heart animal to make or could make their own.  I liked that there was more structure with this baggy craft, but my firsties still got some choice in what to make!

Valentine Kid Gifts

Here are the valentines I made for my firsties this year.  They were a HUGE hit.  Idea came from {wait for it…} Pinterest
I added the labels: “I *mustache* you to be my valentine!” for the guys and “A *kiss* for my valentine!” for the gals.  You can download the label files here.

Valentine’s Day Class Party Games

For several years now we have been playing Valentine’s Minute to Win It games during our party.  The kids absolutely love them and they are strangely quiet during these games because they are so intently concentrated on doing the tasks!  And as an added bonus, it’s great fine motor development and an exercise in perseverance!  I bet you can’t guess where I first saw the idea….Yep! Pinterest!  Well, sort of.  Actually, I had a home room mom my first year that did these games with my kiddos.  Then, I guess I forgot about them until I saw them on Pinterest about 2 years ago!  So maybe Pinterest doesn’t get ALL the credit for this one!
One minute to stack a tower of hearts as high as you can.

Using pencils like chopsticks, transfer the hearts onto your paper.  I usually use cups, but I totally forgot to buy them so I had to figure out something last minute {literally}.  I actually liked the paper idea this year and it’s cheaper.  But I’m thinking I’ll die cut hearts for it next year to make it extra festive!

We also do a marshmallow toss {toss a mini-marshmallow in a partners mouth.  Keep taking steps back and toss again.  If you miss, you are out.  Last set of partners standing, wins!} Somehow I got too busy during this one to take pics!

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  1. Great idea on the mustache and kiss treats for your kiddos. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine's Day!!!