6 Favorite Easter Story Games and Activities for Easter Sunday

 I love doing something extra special in our Sunday School class to
celebrate Easter.  We spend several weeks talking about the Christian
Easter Story of Jesus’ death and resurrection and even the 3-year-olds learn
on their level about what Jesus did for us.  Giving them a craft or
activity to take home gives them a chance to talk to Mom and Dad about the
Easter story, too!

Here is my collection of my 5 favorite Easter story crafts and activities to
do at church on Easter Sunday or at home as a family during the week of

Easter Bean Bag Toss Game

Print and lay out
the sin cards
in a cross shape.  Kids take turns naming a sin they are going to try to
land on.  Then, they will toss the bean bag to see if the land on the
correct one.  (Another way to play is to give a clue about a sin like,
“Toss the bean bag on what we call the sin of taking things that aren’t

After the bag lands on a sin, ask, “Did Jesus die on the cross to save people
from the sin of ____?” YES!  Jesus came to Earth, lived a sinless life,
and died on the cross for ALL of our sins.

Find the materials for this game
and read more about how to play in
this post.

Stained Glass Cross Activity

I LOVE stained glass and Easter seems like the perfect time to do this

This one is as simple as it looks. Color in the pieces to create the look of
stained glass.  

Since this
has the Bible verse with it, I like to read and practice the Bible verse as we
color.  For this one, we picked a crayon and colored in pieces as we said
the Bible verse.  We would say the Bible verse 3 times and then change
colors.  The kids would color in as many pieces (neatly) as they
could during that time.

This kept our stained glass cross from having only 2 or 3 colors! …And it
was a great way to memorize scripture.  Even if you are the only once
saying the verse and they are listening as they color…they are hearing God’s
Word over and over!

Grab this kindergarten printable
and read more about this Easter Sunday activity in
this post.

Handprint Easter Resurrection Craft

This is one of the first Easter Sunday crafts I did years ago and it’s still
one of my very favorites.  I’m a sucker for handprint crafts. 🙂

I’ve done one with the handprint and ordering the Bible verse.  You can
read more about that one at the bottom of this post.

And I’ve done this lots of ways over the years.  I’ve done this
version with a handprint and filling in Jesus’ tomb with lima beans.  You
can read more about this one
and find the printout in this
preschool Easter unit.

Crucifixion Bracelet Craft

Did you make salvation bracelets as a kid?  These
Easter crucifixion bracelets
are very similar but in the shape of a cross.

This first grade craft is perfect for this age group (they love making jewelry
at this age–even the boys!).  Adding beads is great fine motor practice.

But more importantly, this is a reminder that they can wear of Jesus blood
sacrifice (red beads) that washed our sins clean and white as snow (white
beads). It’s a fun reminder for them, and an easy tool for sharing the gospel
with their friends.  

This activity is included in this
1st grade Easter Story unit and you can read more details on how to make them in this blog

Easter Basket Retelling Craft

This is another oldie, but goodie.  It’s part of this early prek Easter
story unit, so I go ahead and precut the baskets and sometimes the eggs
depending on my kids.  

We order and glue the eggs together and then they spend the rest of the time
coloring the basket and eggs while I help one kid at a time hot glue easter
grass to the bottom of their basket.

You can find this craft in this
preschool Easter Story unit.

Easter Egg Story Devotional Activities

I love doing an Easter countdown devotional at home with our kids, but I’ve
also used this as Easter lessons in church as well.

At home, we start 9 days before Easter and read one part of the Easter story
and open up an Egg that has a clue to the story we read.

Then, we make the craft and add it to the banner (or I have premade banners
you can just color).  

We love having an advent devotional at Christmas time, and this pennant banner
Easter countdown serves the same purpose for our family during the Easter

You can read about all the details in
this post
and find this pennant set separately

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