Kid-Made Christmas Gifts

Earlier this week, I blogged about the content packed fun Christmas activities we did, but this little blog is devoted to all of those classroom celebrations for Christmas! 🙂

Parent Gifts

I love these gifts that the first graders make at my new school!  It’s my first year for these and they turned out adorably!  One of my teammates got the 6 inch tiles donated from a local tile store so they were very little cost too!

And since one of my sweeties’ moms is a first grade teacher at our school, he chose to do a different design to surprise her!

Didn’t they wrap up so nicely? (One small group at a time…. *wink, wink*)

Cards for Parents

We made cards to go with our gifts this year and I love how fun they turned out.  I’ve done the Christmas trees before, but I wanted to give my kids a few more options this year.  I cut small strips of scrapbook paper.  I piled them by color on our back counter.  The kids grabbed the colors they needed and went to work.  I had my examples for them to copy, which most did….

But a few went off on their own.  One made a candy cane (which I didn’t get a picture of) and another one made this present!

First Grade Gifts

So here’s the teacher fail moment of the year….

I always get my kiddos the dollar book from Scholastic’s December magazine issue as their main Christmas gift.  This year….no dollar book to be found.  And let’s face it, my teacher salary can’t afford $2.00 books for 25 kiddos every year!

So, I had to get a little crafty.  Since we were finishing our Fables Unit and had been reading How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I decided to make some Grinch-Doh…you know, home-made green play-doh with a little glitter added in.

First of all, I’m in love with how they wrapped up!  We played pass the present {on the word “Grinch”} while reading the story again, and the kids were super excited about their gift!

You can grab the gift tags HERE.

Besides the fact that I *failed* to get my kids a book for Christmas this year, my play-doh gift *failed* too.  Oh, it looked super cute.  But my kids begged to play with it.

And it was messy.

Like super bad messy.

Like the kind of messy where play doh sticks all over 25 kid’s hands and they can’t wash it off.

And the carpet.  OOOOHHHH, the carpet had play doh all in it!

So, yeah, it was pretty much a bust, but hopefully I can make it up to them at the end of the year! 🙂

And, actually, looking back on it, it was really a great gift idea…but maybe I’ll try buying the play-doh next time and adding the glitter into that to keep it from being so messy!

Christmas Phonics

The week before Christmas Break, we took a break from phonics and just did review.  So, I supplemented with some Christmas poems from my Year Long Poetry Pack.  We focused on ordinal number words and quotation marks with this one!

Class Giving Project

I saved the best for last!  I am SUPER proud of my class this year.  As part of our Fables Unit, we read the Giving Tree (read about those activities HERE) and decided on a class service project.  We set a goal of giving 34 cans of food to our local food bank through our school’s food drive.  We ended up giving over 75 cans of food–more than double our goal! (The picture was taken before our final cans came in!)

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