Mama Bear Teachers

A teacher friend of mine shared this picture with me today at a Math workshop and it really encouraged my teacher heart!  We had a great discussion about each of these cubs in this picture and faces of my sweet firsties popped in my head as we talked about each of them.  I cannot take the credit…she gets it.  But it’s too good not to share!

Here’s a picture of Mama Bear with her 4 cubs.

One is enthusiastically climbing the tree, passing Mama, with no real need for her help…just the opportunity to look down and see that Mama is still watching over her.

Another is climbing right with Mama, looking at her for guidance and strength the whole time…not wanting to get too far ahead or behind her, but needing to stay by her side.

Still another cub is lagging a little behind.  And is distracted.  Maybe he sees food. Maybe she sees a squirrel.  Maybe he sees…anything to keep from climbing the tree.

The last, littlest cub is just struggling to keep up with the other cubs…not even fully on the tree yet.  Wanting desperately to climb like the others, but just not ready.

And then there’s Mama.  Right there with them all.  Knowing where each cub is and what her role is in helping each of them.  Mama knows.  She always knows best.

Happy Monday to all of you “Mama Bear” teachers!  May you each have a wonderful week with your cubs! 🙂

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