End of the Year Awards LUAU

Today was our class awards party~~LUAU style!

Last year I kept with our classroom theme and did a western awards party.  Read about that HERE!

But this year, we decided to brighten things up with umbrellas, lemonade and leis! 🙂

Here’s our setup…before cookies were added and lemonade was mixed and poured!  I had back-to-back specials in the morning so I got set up and took pics before our afternoon party!

Even Jingle celebrated with a graduation cap!

When I think about partying with my firsties I always think of simple and CHEAP.  Let’s face it: I’m not a rich teacher {who is??}…so I have to be resourceful.

So, I think space fillers!

Space Filler #1: Don’t stack the cups…set them all out and add a few drink umbrellas and lemons for decoration.

Anytime fresh food can be used as decorations it’s a plus visually and for the pocket book!  I had 40+ cups set out and only used 3 whole lemons for the cup decor and 1 lemon sliced up in the lemonade. Lots of bang for the buck right there!

The one thing I did “buy” were the grass arm bands from Hobby Lobby.  There were 4 in a pack for $4.99.  I got it for less than $3 with my handy dandy coupon!  It took 2 of them to tape around my drink dispenser so you could even split it with a teammate and it’d be even cheaper!  I also loved that they were the *perfect* length.  I didn’t have to cut anything!  Then I just untaped and packed away to reuse another time!

I bought a pack of 144 umbrellas for 6 buckaroos on Amazon.  I just used a few here and there so that’s a long life that pack will have!

Space Filler #2: I brought over the countdown chalkboard we’ve been using and Jingle’s palm tree to take up a bit more space!  And I had one lei left over that perfectly fit around my cookie platter!

Space Filler #3: These lei’s were so fun and colorful!  And in a random pile they added a punch of color and took up a good about of space!  Hobby Lobby was my friend again here.  (But Oriental Trading has some leis that are solid colors and cheaper though, if you’re really looking to go cheap.)

A quick label on these made them the perfect gift!

We had a great parent turnout this afternoon and the kids really enjoyed our celebrations!  Of course, I didn’t get any pics of our actual ceremony and celebrations because we were too busy celebrating! 🙂  But for the 2nd year, I had the kids write their own awards {included in the Elf Packet.}  I loved reading their awards and the kids just beamed with pride!  And I’m kicking myself for not taking pics of their finished awards.  We copied them on card stock and the kiddos did such a great job cutting them out! They turned out so cute!

P.S. Our last day with Jingle will be tomorrow {kids still come on Monday though!}.  We are ending our celebration with Jingle with a Summer blockbuster party.  Movie theater and popcorn and drinks! Each teacher on our team plays a movie in their room and our kiddos get to choose which movie they go watch!  So much fun and a perfect ending to our year!

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