Rain and Weather Experiments

Hello, April!  Hello, rainy season!

I have loved teaching our weather unit in the spring (I usually do it in winter)!

It’s given us a chance to highlight certain activities even more.  Last week, we researched the water cycle.  When I do this unit in the winter, we focus on snow…but this year, we focused on rain!

First we read our PebbleGo article on rain and charted our learning…

Then, we wrote about what we learned about rain in our weather words booklet!

The next day, we brainstormed what it’s like when it rains.  Lucky for us, it **rained** the day before so I was able to give my kiddos a heads up on making some observations on their own after school! 🙂

We brainstormed whole group and then, they added their own descriptions on our “When It Rains…” graphic organizer!

Then, we used our graphic organizer to give us ideas to write about.  The next day we wrote about our rainy day!  They could choose to write about the rainy day we just had or a different rainy day.  Check out this rainy day sob story!!!

We saved our water cycle posters for testing week to give us a “break” in the afternoon after our hard work.  And I always love how these turned out!  You can read about the details HERE.

I shared this on Instagram yesterday, but it’s worth repeating…We started our posters before Computer Lab and I told the kids to put their supplies on their poster and we would finish after Computer…I love how this group cleaned up so neatly!  OCD firsties after my own heart! 🙂

We also saved our make it rain science experiment for testing week too!  Read the details on that activity HERE.

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