Arkansas History: Flag & Puzzles

State history often gets shoved to the back burner in elementary school.  And that’s a shame because our little learners need to have a good understanding of their place in the world!

I love teaching Arkansas history at the end of the year, but really it works any time of year.  I’ve already blogged about part of our Arkansas History unit with Me On The Map project and our 7 Continents song.  Today, let’s take a look at some of my firsties favorite hands on activities and crafts!

Map Puzzles

When we were learning about our country, we spent our snack time cutting apart and putting our USA puzzles together.  This was a real challenge for some of my kids, but so SO good for them.

When they finished their puzzle, they glued it to our “Find My State” printable and added a star over our home state, Arkansas!

We did the same thing when we learned about our state!  Once laminated, these also made great station activities!

State Flag Craft

While we were learning about our state and its symbols, we made an Arkansas flag after studying its history.  We learned what all of the shapes and colors and parts of our flag meant.  Then, we used 3 simple shapes (that I precut quickly with a paper cutter) to make their on Arkansas flags!

My firsties really enjoyed this craft.  And it was really good practice on listening and following directions! ….especially when adding the stars!  And my firsties always seem to need a little extra help in the listening department! #canigetanamen

I think they turned out so super cute.  We just glued straws to them as the flag pole, but they also would make a great booklet cover for the Arkansas, Arkansas, What Do You See? booklet in my Arkansas packet!

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