Beatitudes Activities for Sunday School

The beatitudes are a must unit of study in Sunday School or children’s church.  And honeybees just make the first part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount that much more fun and engaging!   Here’s look at my go to review games and crafts for our BEEatitudes unit from our Sunday School curriculum.

Bee-Atitudes Hive Craft

I love a good craft to work on and add to each week during our Sunday School
units.  And this one is UH-dorable, ya’ll and soooooo easy!

All you need is yellow paint, an old pencil with the eraser still in tact :),
a yellow ink pad and a thin, black marker pen.

The first week, we paint the hive using the yellow paint and the pencil
eraser.  We just dot the hive without painting over the words.
Then, each week, we add a bee to the hive.  We find the blessing we
learned about that week and add a bee beside the blessing to show the
beatitude that brings that blessing.  We used a thin, Sharpie pen to
write the beatitude by the bee.

For this example, my son used the directions from Ed Emberley’s books for
making the bee!

Here’s a look at the finished hive!

The Beatitudes Review Game

I love this review game because we can use it during the whol Beatitudes unit long and just change out the questions for each lesson.  Print, laminate and post the flower cards around the room with velcro dots on them.  

Then, I cut the circles out for the lesson we were working on and put velcro on the backs of those.  

I attached all of the circles to a flower around the room and we were ready to play!

To play, I partner kids up and say, “Bees, Buzz!” and they buzz around the room.  A few seconds later, I say, “Bees, Land!” and the bees “land” near a flower.  

Next, I ask the review question from the Beatitudes unit game and the bees with the correct answer buzz!  If they tell us the correct answer, they get some sort of honey-themed snack like honey teddy grahams or honey nut cheerios! 🙂

The next week, I just change out the circles, and we are ready to play again without my having to reteach how to play!
You can find these activities and more in the Beatitudes Unit.

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