Bible Stem Challenge: Gideon

Have you ever thought about using STEM challenges to teach your Bible
lessons?  I love using STEM at church in my Sunday School class!

Today, let’s talk about the Drink the Water challenge we used with the Gideon Bible story with kindergartners!

What You’ll Need

My favorite STEM challenges are ones you can do with things you have lying
around the house or classroom!  This one is no different.  All you
need for this Gideon Bible story STEM challenge is…
  • A bowl
  • A large cookie sheet for overspill
  • Water
  • (adorable kid not included… 🙂 )
You will need as many bowls/sheets as you have kids that will
participate.  Not all kids have to participate, but it is not a challenge
they can take turns trying….Once they figure it out, there is no point in
continuing to try! 🙂
Before the challenge starts, you will fill the bowl(s) with water and put a
cookie sheet underneath it.  Another option is to take this challenge
outside so you don’t have to worry about spilling water!

Drink the Water Challenge

Once you are prepped and ready, the Gideon Bible story STEM challenge is simple: The kids must drink
the water in the bowl without touching the bowl. (They can’t pick it up or tip
You time them for 1 minute and see who can drink the most water!

My guy had fun testing out different strategies!

After the challenge, share the strategies and which were the most
efficient.  Why were they efficient?
Many of my Bible STEM challenges are designed to do after the Bible story, but
this one is important to do BEFORE you even introduce
the story

in case kids are already familiar with Gideon and how God told him to choose
his army.  Since the Gideon Bible story actually tells the ways the men drank
the water, it would be pointless! 😉
You can find the Gideon & Deborah kindergarten unit on courage

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