Bible Unit: Obedience

Do you know any preschoolers that struggle with obedience?

I’m raising two hands and two feet on that one…LOL!

Okay, okay, so maybe that’s not the best question to ask!  Obedience is an important lesson for kids of all ages.  In Sunday School, we tackled the idea of Biblical obedience.  We took a look at what the Bible says about obeying and HOW the Bible teaches us to obey!

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Here’s an overview of our unit with our unit Bible verse (you can read about our Bible verse routines here) and our anchor chart.  I love having unit anchor charts that are interactive for preschoolers.  It’s perfect for reviewing each week because we can add and readd the color pictures each week.  Plus, since it’s interactive, it keeps my 3 and 4 year olds engaged during storytime! #winning

Exploration Stations

The other thing I love about the anchor charts being interactive is that they can double as an exploration station at the beginning of our class time!  My sweeties love matching the pictures and talking about the stories!

Exploration stations our just what they sound like: A time for my preschoolers to come in before Bible Storytime and explore games and activities that reinforce our big ideas for our unit and lesson.  Here are a few of the stations we used to reinforce Biblical obedience.

Anything with velcro is a win for my guys!  Each of our Bible Story lessons were on color cards.  Each week, my sweeties had more cards to look at, remember the story and sort to tell whether the Bible character showed obedience or disobedience.

Blocks are always popular with my almost all-boy crew!  At obey and build, kids used the instruction booklet from these magnetiles (affiliate link) to practice obeying directions to build a design.

Obedience Games

Many times after our Bible lesson, we take time to play a game to review the story we learned.  This was our favorite from the unit…Who Swallowed Jonah!  I started out running the game, and then my kids starting asking to take charge!  So fun!

To prep this game, I simply cut out 3 whales and Jonah and then taped Jonah to the back of one of the whales!  Super easy and super fun!

You can find all of these activities, plus detailed lessons, masters, and tons more here!

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