Building Class Community + 2 FREEBIES

Sometimes building your class community can feel more like laying down the law the first few weeks of school!  And while laying down the law definitely has its place in my classroom, it has to be balanced with growing relationships with the little people in our classroom.

The first school I taught at was an International Baccalaureate (IB) school.  And even though I don’t teach at an IB school anymore, I’ve taken a few of my favorite elements from that philosophy with me!  The IB attitudes and learner profile were some of my favorite of that curriculum.  I love spending time at the beginning of each year talking about what kind of attitudes we should show and what kind of learners we are expected to be in our classroom.  Not only does it help me learn my students better, but it also helps me “lay down the law” in a more positive way!

Each day we read a book (find the list of books here) and discuss the attitude the character did or didn’t show in the story.  We chart our ideas…(grab these anchor charts templates to help!)

Add the book covers only to the templates or add notes from your attitude word discussion too!

And these templates even work great as Brag Boards!  Hang the anchor charts up in your room blank and add student names to an attitude chart when they show that attitude!  …work that positive reinforcement to your advantage! 🙂

If you like these awesome attitudes posters, download the FREEBIE sample!

The other thing I love from the IB curriculum was the learner profile.

I love that these words give kids purpose at school.  With awesome attitudes, I am teaching little people how to be awesome adults.  With the learner profile, I’m training little people to become life-long learners.

We have a similar routine with the learner profile words as we do with Awesome Attitudes….

We read and brainstorm ways to demonstrate our focus learner word…

I love attaching each learner profile word with a part of our body because the learner profile is who we are!

Then, we add our focus word in our “I Am A Learner” booklet and illustrate the meaning of the word.

This packet even includes writing prompt papers and more anchor chart and poster options for these words!

Download a FREEBIE sample of the learner profile packet too! 🙂  Let’s make this a *great* start to our school year!

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