Party Time: C is for Cooper

My baby turns 2 today.

I’m just gonna take a break and cry for a moment…or two… *sniff sniff*

Okay, I’m better.  For now!

At 2 years, Cooper…
*is potty trained and wearing underwear all the time {except for sleeping} and rarely has accidents.
*knows 50% of his capital and lowercase letters.  Probably closer to 75%, I just haven’t officially counted.
*can rote count or count objects to 10 {and sometimes 13} all by himself.
*recognizes the numbers 1-9.
*cries every time someone screams or cheers…whether for good reasons or not. {From what we can gather from him, he thinks when people get loud or scream that they are hurt.}
*Talks A LOT–just in the last 2 weeks his speaking vocabulary has grown so much!
*still loves to be rocked for naps and bedtime.
*Can help me quote 3 of our Bible verses we work on daily.
*loves to be the center of attention and if we don’t laugh at him, he will just laugh at himself…although he will not perform on command. 😉
*can put slip on shoes and his flip flops on by himself.
*is very close to taking his pants/underwear on and off.
*is silly, smart, serious, and sensitive all wrapped into one little sweet boy!

My favorite “Cooperisms” are…
*”Oooo-Too.” –> love you, too
*”I hold.” –> hold me
*”Per-Per” –> Cooper
*”Ha-Ha” –> Help
*”Beep Beep” –> Wheels on the Bus

Thank you for indulging in my bragging session…I just don’t want to forget all of those precious memories!

Saturday, we celebrated Cooper’s 2nd birthday!  Since we are at an apartment this year waiting for our new house to be built, we decided we needed to be simple and NOT at our apartment! Ha!!

So we used our wonderful clubhouse patio!  It was the perfect size and a beautiful day for celebrations!

 I decided to go with an alphabet theme because it was simple and cute.  And I think it turned out perfect!

Chalkboard ornaments from JoAnn Fabrics made the perfect food signs {with the ornament hanger cut off, of course!}

I used clear cylinders from my mother-in-law for the pretzels and cheez-its and filled the bottom third with vintage wooden blocks from my childhood toy collection. {Thanks for keeping some of our old toys, Mom!}  Then cut a cardboard circle to put in between the blocks and food!

On to the cake table…The wooden “C” is the door hanger on his bedroom door.  Another reason why I chose this theme and color scheme…easy and cheap decorations when I can use what I already have!

How perfect is this old crate my father in law uses for photo props?  I just added some small pennants to dress it up!

 Once again, Shelby Lynn’s is the best cake in the country.  Period.

The “Thanks” table…which every other day is a side table in our living room!  It matched the party so well I just had to use it! 😉

 If only my mom’s vintage block collection could’ve included a colorful “T” and “S.”  *sigh*  Oh, well, I think it’s still cute!

 Alphabits!!!!  I loved that cereal!

Fishing for letters was a HUGE hit with our little guy.  He wanted to do this the whole time!!

He loved the fishing so much, he even fussed when it was time to eat!  And he NEVER does that!  Note to self: Fishing for letters might be some awesome summer entertainment next summer!!

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