Changes Everywhere!

No, there aren’t major changes in my personal or school life to blog about…not yet, anyway! #pleaseLordletournewhousebefinishedsoon

But *change* has been the theme during our Weather Unit the last two weeks.  And this year, change has been integrated into almost everything we are doing these days!

In literacy, we talked about how characters change.  We read When Sophie Gets Angry, and charted her feelings during the story.

Then, we brainstormed and charted other ways that characters might change during a story…

***side note: not sure that “persons” is the correct English there, but superheroes are one person, with different personalities, and I didn’t really know how to express that very well…and I didn’t really anticipate that one being a topic, so I had to do some quick thinking!***

And we worked during Guided Reading groups to write about how our main characters changed during the stories.

In science, we’ve been doing cause and effect experiments that focus on change:
*Day & Night – Shadow Experiment
*Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Even on our 100th day of school, we managed to make connections to change.  We went through our 7 page flip chart of pictures from 100 years ago of cars, planes, technology, sports, schools, an elementary class picture, and a family portrait.

Then we used our interactive flip chart to sort pictures from 100 years ago and now.  What changes have been made in 100 years!

And in math, we discovered how number change…and how they change in strategic patterns.  I used several number talks to engage the kids in conversations about what patterns they can see.  After two weeks of daily number talks, we finally came up with 4 different patterns (for now) that we can see.  We posted this chart with our 8th Standard for Math Practice.

Finally, we have been reading The Wizard of Oz aloud at the end of each day the last two weeks.  We finally finished yesterday and will be starting some work on studying the Oz characters and their changes next week.  Read more about the Wizard of Oz in my classroom and find the resource here.

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