Christmas Ornament Gifts

The kiddos were so excited to get Santa’s workshop in full swing… Making ornament gifts for parents gets giggles every year and I love that sweet sound of cheerful givers in my classroom!  Read to find out more about the two ornaments we made for parents this year!

I’ve been making this Rudolph ornament for a really long time…probably at least 6 of the 9 years I’ve taught.  I found it on a friend’s Christmas tree at a party a while back and thought it was adorably simple and cute!  My first graders can make this entire ornament without any adult help…which is one of the things I love about it!

The other ornament we made, ribbon Christmas trees, was a new one I found on Pinterest and loved!  And unlike the Rudolph, it needs LOTS of adult help….but is perfect to work on during table station rotations or to do during small group time those last few crazy days before break!

First, I cut 6 ribbons for each kid:
*2 eight inch greens
*1 seven inch green
*1 seven inch red
*1 six inch green
*1 six inch red

I also die cut yellow stars out of laminated yellow card stock.  The last thing I prepped was cutting brown pipe cleaners in half and adding a loop to the top for hanging.

I called the kids back in groups of 4 kids at a time.  The rest of the class worked on letters to Santa while I did this.  It’s also included in my Elf Packet.
Anyways, in our small groups, they each got one of the 6 lengths of ribbons.  They each ordered the lengths of their ribbons from shortest to longest {Hello, Common Core math standard!}.  Then, they worked with a partner to help each other tie on the ribbons, tying the shortest one closest to the loop and working down to the longest.

 Once all the ribbons were tied, I tightened them and then “trimmed” the edges with scissors to make the ribbons into even more of a Christmas tree shape.  Last we added the star on top with some hot glue! **TIP: the ribbons are cut extra long to make it easier for little fingers to tie.  You trim them down to a more appropriate size when you trim the edges! :)**

 By the end of the day we had a stack of ornaments on our back table ready to be gifted!

Gifts and Christmas cards were sent home Thursday afternoon…with one day to spare before Christmas break!  What are your favorite ornaments to make with kids?  (Read more parent gift ideas here).

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