Christmas Potpourri Gift Jars

One of my very favorite teacher gifts with Cooper each year are Christmas Potpourri Jars.  They are simple, fun to make and EVERYONE loves them!  

Oranges, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves (although I sometimes use ground at home if I am in a pinch!…it just packages prettier in the jars to use whole!) And sometimes I add cranberries and twigs of pine to my mom’s recipe for more color for the gifts.

Slice the oranges in fourths.  I put them in the jar this way too…much prettier to me than just a whole orange!  And they fit better!

 Add a layer of cranberries (this year Cooper practiced counting to 25 as he added them! 🙂 ), then the oranges to the jar, then 2-3 cinnamon sticks….

Then add the rest of the ingredients….and spread some smiling Christmas cheer along the way!  Such an easy thing for littles to help with too!  Bless my little long haired baby!  Where did he go??

Turn on the heat and enjoy!  Isn’t it so pretty?

For teacher gifts, we used the small mason jars {I really can’t remember what official size they are…they were ones I just had around the house!}

In each jar, we put…
*4 slices of oranges
*a handful of cranberries
*close to a Tablespoon of whole cloves {no official measuring here, though!}
*a small twig of pine
*2 cinnamon sticks

A little craft paper circle to add some ruffles under the lid, a string of raffia and a tag. Here’s a pic of the jar with the Christmas tag I made.  Simple, fun to make!

This year, I just wrote our notes on top of the lids with a little washi tape.

Cooper is always so happy to give out his gifts.   And Mommy loves that he is learning at such an early age that, “God loves a person who gives cheerfully.”

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