Burlap & Bandana Classroom Tour

Pre-Cooper my classroom was ready to go by the fourth of July…

Now, here I am 22 months post Cooper.  It’s the day before I go back and I’m just now–almost–finished setting up for my firsties!  {What a difference a baby makes!}
9 years later I’m still doing western in my room.  Sure, I could re-do, but I just love it too much!  Plus, with all of the new burlap and chalkboard stuff out, I can add new touches here and there to make it fresh!
Here’s a look at my room so far!

Here is a close up of the plants.  The plants are a whopping $4.67 at Wal-Mart.  I add a little ribbon to the pot it comes in…and this year I add the Fruits of the Spirit to each of my pots in chalk marker as a personal reminder for me throughout the year.

My hallway area! “Hats Off to Great Work!”

The “Wanted” posters are empty now, but will soon have 25 precious cowboy and cowgirl faces pictured on them! Can’t wait to love these babies!  Plus, I bought a new rustic chalkboard to display our standards and objectives for work.

My desk…which I never EVER sit at…are there any teachers out there that actually *sit* at their desk?  It’s beyond me how that happens with 25 littles in the room!  Still need to add our theme poster for our first unit and its essential questions! {…add it to the list, people!}

Small group intervention area.  I pretty much sit at this “desk” with 6 firsties at least half of my day!

Still in love with this bandana lamp I made a few years ago with some el-cheapo bandana fabric and thick twine.

Saw this quote at God’s Gift To Teachers, errr, Hobby Lobby, and just HAD to have it this year.

And I’m soaking up the fact that the clipboard is empty…for now!  It will be holding formative assessments and checklists soon enough!

Writing area with my filing cabinet in a not-so-random spot between my writing station and classroom library.  What a great “blocker” it makes during station time! 🙂

New this year is my calm down area.  I’ve always had a designated spot for this, but this year I’ve added the chair {which I repurposed after not using for a few years}, book, signs {which you can get in my classroom management packet–>HERE} and a basket of calm down goodies {mirror, stress ball, hourglass timer, and Telly the Turtle…who is sure to hear about all of the trials and tribulations of first grade this year!}

This is our classroom library area. “Reading Corral.”

New book tub labels this year.  Find them and 4 other designs–>HERE!

Out with the old word wall, and in with the new word wall cards!

Setting up a classroom is all in the details!  Here are a few of my favs!  Border around the sink mirror!

A little scrapbook paper and button details make our Promethean Board look like overalls! 🙂

 And “cart skirts” Velcroed on hide all of those nasty cords!

This year’s “What We’re Learnin'” focus wall.  You can find the schedule cards and Common Core “I can” objectives with standards–>HERE.

And last, but not least, my welcome area which gets seasonally decorated throughout the year.  

My birthday balloons, copied from an idea on Pinterest. {Pixie Sticks taped to a balloon cutout.}

I take birthday scrapbook accessories, laminate them and attach them with mini-magnets on the back to display each month’s birthdays!

This year, I added one of my all time favorite poems in a frame.  Love the daily reminder of my mission as a teacher!  Download your copy–>HERE.

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