Creation Station Routines

One of my favorite stations in Kinder and first is creation station.  Let’s chat about what that station is, what our routine looks like AND, most importantly, how you can try it out for FREE! 🙂

What Is A Creation Station?

Creation Station is just what it sounds like… a station where kids get to create!  But the tie in to literacy is that they create and then write about it.

I do two types of creation stations: How to Draw and Craftivities.

The crafts are just that…crafts that kids make and then they write about what they made.

The How To Draw Stations give kids step by step drawings for them to recreate.  And then they can write about what they drew here too.  These are much like directed drawings or any how to draw kids book you can get.

What I love about both of these types of creation stations is that they teach kids to follow step-by-step directions independently.  And when they finish, they can visually check their products to see if they match the examples given!

Craftivity Creation Station Routines

At this version of creation station, I have a craft that students can make on their own.  Before the first station rotations, I quickly have my pieces ready to show kids how to glue and assemble.  I may verbally tell them what needs to be colored and cut.  But most of the coloring and cutting is done before hand to save time.

I do glue it with them though because I have found it really helps them see it better and understand what gets glued on top or bottom! 🙂

Once we’ve quickly gone over the craft, we go over the writing part.  Sometimes I give kids a sentence stem like, “My **** has a ________.”  Other times I just leave it blank and tell them to free write about it.

Then, I post my creation on the wall by the station for them to refer to.  As the kids finish their creation, they bring them to me to check and then hang up!

How To Draw Station Routines

At the How To Draw station, I post the step by step pictures on how to draw the picture.

I go over this quickly just like the crafts.  I usually draw all or most of the steps, but after the first few weeks of school when they know my coloring expectations, I don’t model how to color anymore.

Again for the writing part, sometimes I give them a sentence stem and other times I leave it blank and have the kids free write about their drawing.

I post my example on the wall by the station and I absolutely love posting them all on the wall around that station as a collage of their directed drawings.  It’s the cutest!

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