Crucifixion Bracelets

I’m always looking for simple crafts to do during
season that are quick, cheap, and easy to do with any extra kids that may come
on Easter Sunday.

Crucifixion Easter bracelets are my new favorite craft!  And all you
need are beads and pipe cleaners!  Here’s how we made them.

First, we used a black pipe cleaner.  We put 12 beads on the pipe cleaner
and put a space so that one side had 5 beads and the other side had 7 beads.

Then, we cut a pipe cleaner in half.  We twisted it around the space
between the two groups of beads.

Next, we put 3 red and white beads on each side of the half pipe cleaner and
pushed the 12 beads next to the middle of the pipe cleaner cross we’d just
made.  We put the extra pipe cleaner behind the red and white beads…

…and twisted it in an “X” pattern around the middle of the cross.

Last, we twisted the remaining black pipe cleaner into a circle to make a
bracelet!  Easy, fast, and great fine motor practice too! 🙂

You can find the Easter Bible Story unit this craft goes with
here as part of my Sunday School curriculum.

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