David Bible Unit

I’m back with another overview look at our preschool Sunday School unit on David!  In this unit we look at 4 different names to describe David.

David the Shepherd

First, we talk about David as the shepherd boy.  We have an interactive anchor chart for this unit and most of our Sunday School units that doubles as an exploration station too!  We can add the pictures to the anchor chart each week as we review our unit and then the kids can practice matching the pictures and talking about our story!

For this unit, we also have a paper graphic organizer that they add to each week as well!

David the Warrior

Week 2 is all about David and Goliath.

After our bible lesson, we sorted rocks into smooth or bumpy texture categories.  We talked about how David looked for five smooth rocks for his battle.  Then, the next week, this became an exploration station.

Then we made our own sling shot on our graphic organizer with a crumbled up paper wad! 🙂

David the Musician

During week 3, we learn about how David played music for King Saul.  One of our popular stations is our music station with our play guitar!

David the King

The last week we learn that David finally became king in God’s perfect time.  During the unit, they have been building a castle for king David with blocks!

And we made crowns to wear!  Love this crazy crew!

I also couldn’t let this unit pass by without sharing this photo. This would be Cooper’s cousin…frustrated with his go fish skills! haha!!

You can find everything for this unit here!

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