Digital Lesson Plan Templates for Google Drive FAQs

One of my most popular resources in my store is especially popular right now
during distance learning:   Digital lesson plan templates.  I often get asked lots of the same questions about these templates
and how I use them.  So, today, I’m going to give you the answers to my
most frequently asked questions about using these digital lesson plan

What are Digital Lesson Plan Templates?

Digital lesson plan templates
are the templates I used in the classroom to plan out my week and what I
currently use for homeschooling my 2nd grader.  They are hosted on Google
Drive so I could access them easily at home or anywhere with internet! 
Because they are hosted on Google, it’s also super easy to add in links to
articles, games, digital resources, or whatever right there in my plans. 
That way, when I’m teaching, and we are ready to do our
digital phonics lessons, I can just click from my lesson plans and go straight there.

Can the fields inside of the boxes be edited?

Yes!  Every single part of this template is editable, including the
contents inside of the boxes.  I have put those there because that is the
format that I use, and if that works for you great!  But if it doesn’t,
feel free to edit as you need to!

Can I Share The Lesson Plans With My Teammates?

Yes… BUT!  In order to follow the DMCA laws and copyright laws, you
purchase an additional license
for each teacher that will be using the document.  You do NOT have to
purchase a license for your admin who you turn your plans in to for
viewing/record keeping.

You can purchase additional licenses for 10% off the original price

If you are an administrator and looking to buy a license for all of the
teachers in your school, you can email me at
for heavily discounted pricing options!

I Need Bigger Boxes.  Can I Make the Boxes Bigger?

Yes!  Just like in Word, the boxes will grow as big as you need them
to.  That means, you may end up with more than one page of plans.  I
like to keep my
to one page just because that works best for me… that’s why the boxes are
sized the way they are.  BUT, if you need more details in those boxes or
information on your plans so you remember what you are teaching, you can type
a novel in the box with no problems!

How Do I Make a New Template Each Week?

With Google docs, you can make a copy of the
and use it for each week.  At the end of the year, I have 36 files of
lesson plan templates on my drive!  And then the next year, I can start
with the same templates for each week and just change what I want to from the
previous year.  Yay!

To make a new template, you simply choose File > Make A Copy.  You
will name the new copy of plans and then make sure it will save into the
correct folder and then click ok.  That’s it!  Now your own template
is saved and ready to edit for the next week!

Since This is a Google File, Will This Work With Word?

Yes… Mostly!  You can download the
Google file
to Word by choosing File > Download > Microsoft Word.

WARNING: It will not save all of the fonts… it will most likely change the fonts
to Times New Roman.  But the formatting will stay basically the

Also, by downloading to Word, you will lose the benefit of being able to view
your plans from home, but it is definitely an option if you need it!

I Prefer the Days at the Top and the Subject Areas on the Side.  Is that

Yes!  Just simply type over the headers and rename them however you

Can I Add More Columns and Rows?

Yes!  Just click where you would like to add another column or row. 
Then right click and choose Insert Row above/below or Insert column

You can also delete a column or row if you need to!

I Need to See More of this In Action First!

I have a youtube video that walks through the
for you to see up close and personal here.

And several years ago, I did a
facebook live
on these plans as well!

Where Can I Find These Lesson Plan Templates?

You can get a license for these templates for a single classroom teacher use
HERE!  And if you are interested in more digital Google templates to keep
you organized, you can check out
the bundle here.

Lesson Plan Templates EDITABLE compatible with Google Drive      Planning And Assessment Tools Compatible With Google Drive BUNDLE

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