Earth Day Craft

I love celebrating Earth day with littles!  I’ve done anything from planting trees with my class to planting seeds to flowers, to Earth day crafts!  Today, let’s chat about how to use q-tips to paint the earth.

What You Need

I love this craft because it’s super easy, low prep and cheap! #winning

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Earth printout
  • Q-Tips
  • Ink pads or paint
I used ink pads just because I think the prep and clean up is easier.  This craft is set up for kinders to do independently at stations.  Using paint means I have to go over and get their paint ready each day.  But with ink pads, they can independently set that up on their own!

Earth Day Q-Tip Craft Steps

Once you are set up with the ink pads, it’s time to stamp (or paint if you are using paint).   All you need to do is simply put the q-tip in the ink pad and stamp away!  You can get lots of stamps out of what dab of ink.
Basically, there are two ways I’ve done this.  Use one q-tip and stamp away.  You get this look in the picture below, but it takes much longer.

Or, grab a small bunch of q-tips and “group stamp.”

This gives a slightly different look and it is much faster.

Either way is totally fine and both are GREAT fine motor skill practice.  So, it’s just a personal preference.

Here’s the finished look!  I love the unique, dotted look it gives!  If you want to see what q-tip painting looks like with actual craft paints, you can find pictures of that in this blog post!

You can find this craft in the April Creation Station which is also included in my April Stations Bundle and in the year long bundle of Creation Stations.

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