Easter Advent

Two years ago, I bought The Truth in The Tinsel to help teach Cooper about the real Christmas story (read that HERE).  After our first Christmas with it, we loved it so much I knew we needed something for Easter too.   Since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I made my own!

Here’s a look at our 9 days of Easter advent countdown!

First, I filled 9 eggs with a clue for each of our Easter story devotions.  We opened our egg each morning and then did the story in the evening before bed.  Cooper loved opening his egg each morning!

My Easter Sunday packet includes a “cheat sheet” with all of the egg clues, scriptures and crafts altogether on one page!

Once I had that printed and the daily devotions, we were ready to go! 🙂

Day 1: The Lord’s Supper

Cooper loved having his “snack” while we read our Bible Story!

Day 2: Praise the Lord!

“It’s a yeaf, Mommy!” I think opening his “twues” (clues) was his favorite part!

Day 3: Judas Betrays Jesus

Day 4: Pilate

This one was so much fun when we opened the egg and water spilled everywhere!! 🙂

Day 5: Jesus is Mocked

As you can tell from this stinky face…we are *thrilled* with the smell of vinegar, “that stinky stuff” as Cooper called it!  This was a stinky, but memorable clue! 🙂

After our scripture, we went outside and cut thorn branches from the rose bushes to make our own crown of thorns.

Day 6: Jesus is Crucified
This one took forever to convince Cooper that the clue was a nail and not a needle! LOL!

Day 7: Jesus Dies

This was our last day of Spring Break. After Cooper declared this a stay-in-your-pajamas day (what a nice way to spend the last day of break!), we spent the day digging with Easter eggs, building egg towers, and eating lunch out of Easter eggs. But most importantly, we ended the day remembering the Cross. Because, at the end of the day, nothing else really matters. Because, even in His darkest hour, He was fighting for me. And because, even in MY darkest hour, He is still fighting for me. Dying for me. Conquering death for me. All because of the cross.

That’s one of the reasons I loved doing this advent so much.  There’s no reason not to have fun with Easter eggs, but I sure did love the balance of both this year!

Day 8: Jesus Is Buried

Cooper loved this one!  He kept saying, “I am going to yock dis door weally tight so Jesus cannot get out!”  Oh, but wait, son….Sunday’s coming! 🙂

Day 9: Jesus Is Risen

And here is the video of the entire story as told by my very sick, very hyped up from little sleep 3 year old! LOL!  My favorite quotes…. “THE Pilate,” “Thorns made of crowns,” and “The sun came up.  Yay!”

Easter Sunday School

Here’s an oldie but goodie that we just didn’t have time for in Sunday School this morning…but I haven’t blogged about it before and it’s just too fun not to share!  It’s a great “substitute” sequencing activity if you don’t have time to do the 9 day advent in Sunday School (or with your family!)

Instead, we went with a Pinterest inspired activity and added our unit Bible verse.  My kiddos had fun finding the words to our verse on their own.  I had precut the words and said each word and they went on a “hunt” for the words!

I think they turned out adorable and Cooper can even point and “read” his Bible verse to us now!

You can find detailed plans for all of these activities in my Easter Sunday Banner Packet!

Or get a full 5 week unit here!

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