Easter Bean Bag Toss

I love finding games we can play over and over in Sunday School!  Because we only have a short 45 minutes together each week, it’s nice to have the same game to play each week during a unit so we don’t have to spend time learning a new game each week!

Cross bean bag toss was the perfect Easter story game!

Materials You Need

I love this game because it’s so simple and easy to do with what you have on hand.  All you need is paper and a bean bag.

You can print out the cross pages from my Easter Bible story unit, or write your own “sins” on colored paper to make your own cross.  You just need 6 pages.

You’ll also need a bean bag.  If you’re like me and don’t have a store bought bean bag, you can easily make one to use together to play.  Just simply put beans in a bag, but use packaging tape to tape over the opening to reinforce the bag closure! And just like that you have a “free” bean bag!

How To Play

Set up the 6 “sin” cards in a cross formation.  Tape a line about 4 feet behind the bottom of the cross.

First, kids name the sin they are going to try to hit.  Once they name the sin, say, “Did Jesus die for people who ____? YES!  While we were still sinners, Christ dies for us!”

Then, kids stand behind the taped line and toss the bean bag.  They toss the bag to try and hit the sin they called out.

You can keep score, or just play for fun!  Reinforce the idea that we all our sinners and God loved us so much that he gave Jesus to die for our sins–ALL of our sins!

You can find this game and much more in this kindergarten Easter Story Unit from my Sunday School curriculum.