10 Favorite end of the year gifts & parties for teachers, kids, family, & more!

It’s May, y’all! And that means all of our extra time in and out of the classroom will be spent planning, celebrating, and buying end of the year gifts for alllllll the people in our teacher lives. From Teacher Appreciation Week to Mother’s Day to class gifts for the end of the year, this post rounds up some of my favorite gifts and inexpensive ways to celebrate all the people in our school world!

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Week is just a few days away and we have sooooo many teachers at all our kids’ schools to celebrate. So, I’m always looking for inexpensive teacher gifts that don’t look cheap… right?


This year, I’m going back to these adorable succulents with these free teacher appreciation gift tags. I got these at Walmart for $3.97 each and wrapped them in brown kraft paper and twine I already had on hand. These teacher appreciation gifts are easy to assemble and teachers always love them!

End of the year gift ideas: succulent gift tags

I added a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card for my kids’ main teachers to go along with the plants.

Flowers & Packs of Seeds

Last year, we gave pots of flowers and seed packets to our teachers and assistants with these bright “Thanks for helping me grow” teacher appreciation gift tags and they were a huge hit! (These also work well for Mother’s Day gift ideas.) All teachers and moms love flowers, right?

End of the year gift ideas: thanks for helping me grow flower gift
End of the year gift ideas: thanks for helping me grow seeds gift

Teacher Retirement Cards and Gifts

While we are talking about teachers, we can’t forget our retiring teacher friends! I always enjoy honoring teachers who are retiring after so many years in education. And one of my favorite end of the year gifts to make are these teacher retirement printables.

Much of my free time in May is spent creating custom-ordered teacher retirement printables for teachers to display during their colleagues retirement celebration.

It looks so nice framed and makes a great piece of decor during the party and then a retirement keepsake for your colleague. I LOVE reading all of the thank yous and feedback about how well-loved these retirement printables are. Over the years I’ve made them for hundreds of teachers, as well as principals, administrators, secretaries, music teachers, school nurses, and more!

If you have a colleague in your school retiring, you can order a custom teacher retirement printable for them here and have it sent to your email in less than 48 hours!

End of the year gift ideas: teacher retirement printables

Family Gifts

As luck would have it, Mother’s Day is almost always the weekend after teacher appreciation week (and right before graduation season!) Y’all. May is SO busy!! Have we said that yet?!?

Almost two decades ago, when I started teaching, we made Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts and didn’t think another thing of it. But as the years passed, we started combining them to make family gifts for any important adults in the kids’ lives.

For Moms (And VIP Ladies)

When I switched schools to be closer to our new home, the team I joined had a tradition of doing a Mother’s Day Tea on the Friday before Mother’s Day. This was a fun way to celebrate ladies in our kids’ families.

End of the year gift ideas: mother's day tea

I’ve made a variety of end of the year gifts for Moms over the years, but my favorite are honestly the easiest ones. DIY sidewalk chalk photos, bath salts for a SPA-cial lady, and the “My Mom Is…” cards that are always a joy to read. The details for all of these Mother’s Day cards and crafts are in this post.

End of the year gift ideas: mother's day sidewalk chalk photos

For Dads (And VIP Guys)

We aren’t in school during Father’s Day, but we often still make a little something for dads and guys during the last week of school. And, I always do Father’s Day Cards and crafts during Sunday School with my preschool kids at church.

Wise Guy Father’s Day cards, shirt and tie crafts, and the “My Dad Is…” cards are at the top of my list for Father’s Day gifts. The details for all of these Father’s Day cards and crafts are in this post.

And you can grab all of the family crafts and card templates in this resource.

End of the year gift ideas: mom and dad gifts

End of the Year Classroom Awards & Parties

You made it through Mother’s Day? Don’t breathe yet…. end of the year classroom parties are coming up soon! (Again, with the May calendar, y’all!) But don’t stress! I’ve got two of my favorite classroom parties and class gifts for the end of the year (And the set up is super easy!)

Classroom Luau and Class Gifts

Everytime I’ve done a classroom luau as our end of the year party, I just smile. It’s so bright and cheerful and just a fun way to usher in summer!

The set up and prep work for our classroom luau is easy and cheap!

End of the year gift ideas: classroom luau

And the lei summer class gifts are so fun! The kids ALWAYS love our classroom luau.

End of the year gift ideas: lei-zy summer gift tags

Have a Rootin’ Tootin’ Summer Party and Gifts

But, y’all, this western themed end of the year party is a SUPER close second. Again with the cheap decorations… and when first graders get SODA for their end of the year gift, the squeals are out of control! They literally think they’ve hit the jackpot!

End of the year gift ideas: western themed party

Grab the Rootin’ Tootin’ gift tags here and you will not be disappointed!

End of the year gifts: western theme party

Find tons more class gift ideas on a budget here.