Fact or Opinion?

Have you ever noticed how authors just conveniently slide their opinion about topics into a text?

Well, it happens.  A lot.

And it kinda drives me crazy when teaching kids the difference between opinion writing and informative writing! #grrrrrface

Since we had already learned to listen for facts that support a topic, we were ready to dig a little deeper into what kind of information authors give us.

So, we spent some time last week during readers’ workshop with this goal in mind…

...reading to determine if the information in a non-fiction text was a fact or opinion.

First, we charted what facts and opinions are…

You can find a pre-made template for this anchor chart here.  Just print and chart with your kids!

Then, as we researched our inventors, we added our information we learned under each side of our chart on our dry erase board (sorry, I forgot to snap a pic!).  This was really helpful for the kids to see how authors use both kinds of information in non-fiction texts!

We followed this same routine all week as we researched Alexander Graham Bell, sound, Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison.

Then, on Friday, we sorted our facts and opinions on one of our topics we researched: Sound.  This was the kiddos Readers’ Workshop activity.

Next, we will be digging deeper into facts to decide if they are important or interesting with one of my very favorite literacy read alouds of all time!  I’ll be blogging about that one soon too!

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