Facts to Support Opinions

I’ve spent the last 2 blogs focusing on deciding whether information is fact or opinion and focusing on the difference between important and interesting facts.  All with the goal in mind of working smarter, not harder to combine Readers’ Workshop, Writers’ Workshop and that all important, but hard-to-find-time for content unit studies!
Our last focus for our American Contributors Common Core unit was…

…choosing facts that support our opinions.

This has been a problem for lots of my firsties over the years.  You know, when kids write,

“Abraham Lincoln was a great president.  He was shot and killed….”

Really??? I just shake my head.  Every. Time.

We’ve talked about it here and there over the years, but this year I decided to give it a little more focus!

So we worked in partners to sort facts about Lincoln to decide if they support the opinion or not!

This helped SOOOO much when we finally wrote our own opinions about which president was our favorite!  I’m so glad we used this activity to help us.

You can find this 2 sorts like this and lots more activities in my Presidents’ Day packet.

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