Fall Leaf Preschool Science and Literacy Activities for October

It’s November and it’s STILL 61 degrees down here in Arkansas!  I’m definitely ready to wear hoodies and boots, but I grateful our leaves have turned colors more slowly…because that gave Cooper and I more time to explore our fall leaves!  Read to find out about our mini, at home unit about leaves in the Fall.

Leaf Collection

First, we collected leaves from several trees and with many different colors.  I let Cooper choose ones he was drawn to and then I picked a few more that I knew we would need for our project (varying colors, shapes and sizes!)

Observe & Sort

Once we got back home, I spread the leaves out on some craft paper and let Cooper study the leaves.

Then we sorted the leaves by similarities.  This was a challenge for my 4 year old.  But I love pushing him because it means he’s learning! 🙂  We charted ways to sort our leaves as we sorted.

He easily thought of sorting them by color…and notice the “green and red” leaves in between the red and green category!  That was his solution for the leaves having both colors.  I love the mind of preschoolers!!

Then we sorted by their what tree they came from.  Yes, I know the two green leaves came from different trees, but I couldn’t convince my stubborn 4 year old of that.  So I just chose to let it go and not fight that battle.  #keepinitreal #hegetsithonest

Finally, we sorted our leaves by size.

I love how our anchor chart turned out!!  Craft paper makes some pretty awesome anchor chart paper, doesn’t it?!?!

Fall Painting

After we were inspired by all of the beautiful colors of fall, we spent our next learning day reading Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert.

Then, we talked about the colors of leaves.  I added paint colors to his palette as we listed the colors and then he did a q-tip painting!

Cooper LOVED painting with q-tips and I loved that it was an easy cleanup! 🙂

Leaf Art

Our last project was to read Leaf Man, by Lois Ehlert.  I love the creativity this book inspires!

When we finished reading, Cooper used some of the leaves from our collection to make his own leaf man! I’m hoping we will have more time later this week to let him make other things out of his leaves…that would make an *adorable* creation station to explore leaves, create leaf art and then write about it!

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