Family Prayers

Yesterday, I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page…

And since I’ve had a few friends request this template, so you can find the link to this FREE at the end of this post!

What is our family prayer routine?

Each night, we read our prayer verse from James 5 out loud.  Then, we ask and share any prayer requests that our family has and add them to our list.  We mark off any prayers that have been answered and praise God for his healing!

Then, Cooper prays.  The list is perfect because it helps him (and us) remember what to pray for.

When we use up the entire page, we simply print a new page, add the unanswered prayers to that list and keep going.

Why have a family prayer routine?

I love that this is just built in and part of what we do.  It’s habit forming for us and makes us consciously think about prayer every single day.  Those are habits that I definitely want to form in Cooper.

But we don’t just want it to be a habit.  We want it to be a building block for a relationship with God AND a relationship with others.  Many times, when we have had a prayer on our list for a long time, Cooper will say, “How is ____ family doing? Do we still need to pray for them?”  And then we can encourage him to ask that friend or family and let them know we are praying for them.  There have been several times he’s started doing this on his own and asked about one of our own needs:  “Daddy, is your headache better today?” Or the other day, when he thought on his own about praying for Mrs. Patricia’s arm because he noticed it was in a sling at Bible Study.  I love that this habit encourages empathy, and compassion and empowers him with a tool to help.

Grab this prayer page for FREE here and let’s build and strengthen our family prayer life together!

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