Father’s Day Crafts

Here’s what happens when you do Father’s Day crafts for Sunday School:  You do Father Fun on actual Father’s Day which means the blogging comes a tad late…

Oh, well…we can always pin and save for next year, right??

Last year, I blogged about Father’s day in my first grade classroom {which we are able to do early! :)}.  No need to reblog all of that fun stuff again, but I did want to post Cooper’s dad writing from this year {just for my personal benefit!}

Watching Cooper love his daddy just makes me love his daddy even more! 🙂

Friday, Cooper and I worked on a “sumprise” for daddy!  We used the tie writing {newly added to my Father’s Day packet} and wrote what daddy is and isn’t.  Note…Cooper is two…this was a little difficult for him language wise.  I have another version that is my dad can/can’t and I think that would’ve been less abstract and easier for him to understand.  Just keep that in mind when doing this with the littles….

I wanted some cute way to display the tie writing, but this was just a random project on the Friday before Father’s Day…which meant I had to just use what was on hand!  Had I worked a little a head of time, I would’ve let him go pick out some scrapbook paper to use for shirts at Hobby Lobby.  Usually I have scrapbook paper around the house, but I didn’t have any that look “dress shirty!” So…  I let Cooper pick out the color shirt.  Then we folded the paper to look like a dress shirt.  Here are the steps if you are unsure…
1. Turn the paper landscape.
2.  Cut about 3 inches or so down from the top/middle of the paper.

3. Fold one half from the cutting point down to make a triangle.  The triangle should go from the end of the collar to the corner of the paper.

4. Fold the corner back to make the shoulder.

 ….and the back…

Next, we made daddy’s face with what we had.  I had this plan to have a pre made, precut nose, eyes, mouth and ears for him to glue on daddy’s face where they belong…you know, kinda like a Mr. Potato Head…but, alas, my stubborn two year old had better plans.  “I dwaw it myself, Mommy!”  So…easy decision!  We just let the two year old do it himself!  And daddy and I got the biggest giggles out of how Cooper “sees” daddy!  Everything you see, is what Cooper insisted that he add to daddy.  He added the brown blob nose, the red squiggle mouth, and the brown stray mark beard hairs.  He did let me precut hair for him and he glued it all the way around.  And he requested tiny beard hairs to cut also!  So fun to watch his creativity!  Of course, we didn’t have big enough wiggly eyes on hand, but that’s okay too!  This is a memory more than a piece of perfection.  And that’s really what’s important in the end!

 Um, yeah…and daddy was a little offended that he’s not funny! *wink*

With my pre-k babies in Sunday School, we made a shirt and tie card.  Here is my example:

Each kiddo picked out a tie that I had already cut out.  They colored them, and we glued half of it to one half of the shirt (so it would still open up!).

Then, we glued buttons on the shirt too! Here’s Coop’s card….

The card is preprinted inside and the kids just signed their names.

Catch all of these fun activities in my Father’s Day Packet!

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