Feed Elijah Sunday School Game

We just started a brand new unit from our preschool Sunday School curriclum.


I love the Elijah Bible story and the idea that his life teaches us that God will never leave us!

Our first week started with the story of God sending ravens to feed Elijah and we played Feed Elijah.  Here’s a look at how we set up this game and how we played.

Materials & Set Up

I cut out Elijah’s head, the “Feed Elijah” sign that I copied on red cardstock and the bread and ravens…all of these are included in the unit.

Then, I glued Elijah’s head to cardstock and cut out the hole for the mouth.  I used some mini-ritz crackers as the “bread” when I tested this out with my own kiddo.  But when we did this in class last Sunday, I forgot to bring the crackers so I grabbed croutons from our church kitchen….which I actually think I liked better because they are harder to break!

To set up the game, I just propped the Elijah face cardstock page on a storage box and leaned it against the wall when I tested this out with Cooper.

In class, I decided to use a chair to lean it against and I liked this better because it was a little higher!

How To Play

When we played this, they sat in a line behind player one.  Each player got 3 crackers to through to try and feed Elijah.  After their 3 pieces were thrown, they went to the end of the line and let the next person play.

We played this altogether as a group game after our Bible lesson Elijah and the ravens.   It was a HUGE hit and they begged to keep playing!

We will also continue to leave this game set up as an exploration station throughout the entire Elijah Bible story unit for the kids to explore on their own during the first 15 minutes of our Sunday School class!

You can find the materials and the 6 week unit to go along with this game in this Elijah Preschool Unit, which is part of my Sunday School curriculum.

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