Four Favorite February Activities For First Grade

February is jam packed with holidays and celebrations!  From Groundhog
Day, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, it’s a

(And then there was that one year the 100th day of school fell in February
thanks to a bazillion snow days!)

For me, all of the celebrations are welcome.  After January drags on and
on and on, all the things in February seem to help us move along quickly into

Plus, as usual, these holidays provide some really great social studies
content for first graders.  So let’s get started talking about my four
favorite February activities! (Hint: one of them is technically NOT for
February… but I’m making it fit anyways!)

Black History Month

February is black history month.  In my classroom, we operate on content
units.  We have
6 science or social studies based units
during the year.  In January, we kick off our unit on
Famous Americans
with MLK day.  And Black History is a huge part of that
Famous People and Inventors unit!

We research each person and chart them on anchor charts.  It’s not secret
that I love a good shaped anchor chart.  And Black History anchor charts
are some of my very favorite.

It is so so important to teach our kids ALL of our history.  Like our own
lives, our history is full of highs and lows, light and dark spots, and
studying how people overcome adversity and persevere to make the most of their
life is invaluable to us all…even 6 year olds!

Read this blog post for more about our
Black History month activities and routines.

Valentine’s Day + The Wizard of Oz

I know what you’re thinking… how in the world are these two things

Well, Valentine’s Day is about the time we start our fifth first grade unit on
The Wizard of Oz
is our big class read aloud during this weather and cause and effect unit
(Hello, tornadoes and severe weather!)

The year we kicked off this
“Winds of Change” weather unit
with a Oz Valentine’s Party was the absolute cutest.  I mean, Pin the
Heart of Tin Man and all the cute themed snacks.  

I mean, y’all.  You’ll have to see all of the details in this Wizard of Oz Valentine’s Party post to understand just how fun this was for our first graders!

President’s Day

Another holiday about Famous Americans in February…. see why it’s so perfect
to be learning about Famous Americans in January and February?!?

We spend some time learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and
comparing and contrasting them.  You can read about all the
Washington lessons and activities here
and the
Lincoln lessons and activities here.

Then, these
President’s Day crafts
are easy and adorable February hallway decorations.  

Dr. Seuss

Yes, I Know that Read Across America is in March.  And yes, I know that
Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2nd.  BUT I love to end our mini-study of Dr. Seuss with his birthday.  It’s a fun birthday celebration after
learning all about him!

In first grade, our Dr. Seuss mini-unit focuses on poetry.  We use his
books as a mentor texts for learning to create rhyming sentences and write
couplets and short poems!

I don’t think there’s another writing unit that is more engaging for my first
graders that this one!  Read all about our
week long mini-unit on Dr. Seuss in this post!

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