Frog and Toad Together STEM Challenge

As I mentioned last week, we are temporarily homeschooling my 2nd grader.
#thanksCoVid  So, this year, I’ll be blogging about our 2nd grade
homeschooling adventures.

Today we finished our first official week!  We’ve been reading Frog and
Toad together during our literacy time.  So today, we did a STEM challenge in honor of Frog and Toad and the #cancelled Olympic Games!

My 7 year old son has been obsessed with folding paper airplanes!  He has
this book he got for Christmas and LOVES it!  So, I decided to find a
foldable frog we could make as a craft because he also loves to do any kind of

When I was looking for an origami book that had a frog in it, I found
this one
from our local library. (We LOVE that they do curbside pickup right
now!)  When I saw it was a *jumping* frog, I knew we had to do a STEM

That’s where the Frog and Toad Origami Games STEM Challenge was born! 
SIDE NOTE:  Have you watched any of the marble run games on
YouTube?  We have loved those during the CoVid Quarantine and no live
sports!  And it was another inspiration for this challenge. 🙂

We followed the super easy step-by-step directions in
the origami book.  And then we added googly eyes!

Then, we were ready to let the games begin!!

Event 1: Frog Races

First, Cooper took sidewalk chalk and drew a *short* track for the frogs to
race.  FAIR WARNING: These frogs jump, but not high and not far!  So
a short track is best! 🙂

Then, we took turns racing and timing Frog and Toad.  Frog went first!

We recorded our times on the recording sheet and each took 2 tries to race.

Event 2: Frog Hurdles

For the next event, we used bendy straws to make 3 hurdles.  Because
our frogs didn’t jump as high, we made an easy, medium and hard

Frog and Toad each got two tries to jump each hurdle.  Toad only jumped
the easies hurdle once, but Frog jumped the easy AND the hardest hurdle. (Frog
had help from the wind!)

But neither Frog, nor Toad, made it over the medium hurdle!

Event 3: Long Jump

Last, we set up our long jump event.  Because our frogs jump
on a smaller scale, we made a smaller scale long jump area.

Frog jumped 5 lines, but Toad only got 1 line for his farthest jump! 🙂

You can find all of our literacy lesson plans and STEM challenge plans and
pages here!

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