Fruit of the Spirit Bulletin Board Ideas

Are you needing fun and engaging ways to talk about character education in
your classroom?  Or are you a Christian teacher wanting to use the Fruit
of the Spirit to help with classroom management?  Whether you are
teaching in a religious or non-religious setting,
this interactive bulletin board
is great for encouraging positive student behaviors.

Fruit of the Spirit is one of my favorite units
to teach in preschool Sunday School.  Not only is it fun and yummy, but
it is so helpful in encouraging appropriate behaviors. 
This bulletin board set
goes perfectly with this unit (the fruits even match!) and it’s so easy to put

Let’s talk about 3 things I absolutely love about using this
Fruit of the Spirit bulletin board
in the classroom!

1. It’s An Easy Peezy Set Up (Cut, Trace, Staple)

Having the templates ready to go make this bulletin board display a breeze to
set up.  The bulletin board shown in the video above is a 48×36 board and
I used the small size template from the
bulletin board set
and got to cutting and stapling.

After I stapled it up, I colored in the tiny spaces with black marker (dry
erase marker is actually my favorite for this task because it’s just so dark)
to make it seem like I cut out those way teeny tiny spaces even though my
fingers couldn’t handle it. 🙂  It blends in so perfectly that not even
my find-every-mistake-I-make 9 year old has found it yet! #winning

Next up was the tree.  I just free handed this one.  But ya’ll, don’t
be impressed.  I’m a terrible artist.  Like way bad.  I can
doodle and handletter, but drawing? Nope!  All I did was pull up a cute
tree clipart picture and drew with pencil so I could erase a bunch of times and
then went over it with marker.  It’s not perfect, but it’s cute enough!

Still don’t have confidence in your free hand skills?  Do what I did
in the classroom and pull up your favorite tree clipart on your interactive
white board, tape the poster board to it, resize the image to the size you need
and TRACE.


2. Flexible Wording Options

I have heard from sooooo many of my Christian teacher friends that they want
more scripture based bulletin boards that are easy to set up.  But so
many of you can’t use a Christian based board (or don’t want to and that’s
okay too!)  That’s why I’m making each bulletin board in this
monthly bundle
with lots of wording options.  

There are 3 versions of this
bulletin board in this fruits set.  Only one is Christian based.  When finished, it looks like this!

The other 2 are non-religious, Character Ed based like this!

One of the wordings is shown above and the other wording is, “We can bear

3. It’s Interactive!

I love LOVE bulletin boards that I can make interactive with the kids and we
can add to or change along the way instead of a bulletin board that’s just a
wallflower or decoration. 🙂

character traits bulletin board set
has apples for you to fill out when you see kids showing a specific character
trait.  I love using these at the end of the day when we are reflecting
on the day.  Maybe we have really focused on one trait a lot, OR maybe we
have really struggled with one character trait! So, I will find
someone who didn’t struggle with that trait and talk about it positively to
encourage others to work on that more!

You can find this Character education bulletin board set
and the year of bulletin boards

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