Fun on the Farm!

This weekend, my parents came up and we took Cooper to Farmland Adventures.  It was our first time there and we loved it!!  They had so many things just for Cooper’s age which is so hard to find locally.  We will definitely be visiting again!

He played in the corn box.  This was his favorite as long as he was sitting…but he wanted nothing to do with standing up in the corn.




 Fun with Mimi in the sunflowers!

Taking a tractor ride to go feed the cows!

 *click click* Come on cows!

 Did you see that cow’s tongue, Mommy????

 Petting the camel…

 Racing Mimi through the hay bell maze!

 Pony ride!  He was the bounciest one out there.  His little curls flopped everywhere!

 Strolling through the corn maze!

He made it to the top of Hay Mountain!

 Peddle bikes with Daddy!

It’s days like Saturday that I {sorta, kinda, just a little bit} wish I lived on a farm!

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