Gleaning the Fields Ruth Bible Game

I love finding games to play in our Sunday School class that are engaging and
help kids remember the Bible story.  The story of Ruth and Boaz is perfect for acting out with games.

Today, let’s talk about the
we use to learn about Ruth gleaning from Boaz’s fields!

Materials and Preparation

All you need for this Ruth and Boaz activity

If you are using wheat stalks, put a colored dot sticker on each stalk. 
Use 3 different colors and have 10-20 of each color.  

If you are using
wheat cards, copy them on 3 different colors of cardstock.


Scatter the wheat on the floor around the classroom as you are retelling the
story of Ruth working in Boaz’s field.  You are pretending that you are a
harvester and dropping some of the extra wheat as you go, just as they did in
the Ruth and Boaz Bible story.
Now, it’s the kids’ turn to glean the wheat.  Divide the kids into 3
groups.  Each group is assigned a color.  When you say go, they will
glean only that color of wheat from the field.  Give them 1 minute to
The group that gleans the most wheat of their color during the 1 minute wins!
We love this quick and low prep
so much and you can find the paper materials if you need them here!

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