God Gives Family

I love talking about family in Sunday School!  It’s developmentally appropriate for preschoolers because it’s about them and easily relatable.  Here’s a look at some of the activities I use to engage preschoolers about families of the Bible.
We study 5 families from the bible and learn something about our own families from each of them.  I absolutely love the interactive charts we have for each unit.  I love that they make it easy to review what we’ve learned each week and are available for students to explore before Bible story time.

Exploration stations are our favorite.  And this is one of our all-time favs!  I know because we did this unit almost a year ago and my kids still try to sneak out the family house to play with it! 🙂

In our first lesson, we talk about people God chooses to put in our family and build our own family.

The other option is this handprint craft.  Sometimes I do one or the other.  This past year, I did both.  The cut and paste version at the beginning of the unit and the handprint at the end of the unit.  We use our handprints to show our own family tree.  Then, I write the names of people in their families in sharpie.

You can find this unit here.  Or save on the bundle here.