How to Assess Graphing and Data Collection

I’ve been blogging about data in the K-2 classroom.  If you’re just know catching this mini-series, you can read the other blogs here….
Day 1: Collaborating to create data displays from scratch
Day 2: Collecting Data and making a plan to keep track of data

This will be the final installment {for now!} of my data mini-blog series!  So, let’s talk about assessment!

I wanted to make sure my kiddos really understood our attributes of a data display chart from earlier in the week.  So, I gave them this cut, count and graph from my Spring Graphing Packet.  They worked on it independently, but not in a testing environment…they were sitting with their groups and were aloud to talk to each other.

While this is an “activity” in my graphing packet, I used it as a formative assessment to see how much growth we’d made with our understanding of data.  No, this activity is not as “from” scratch or authentic as our collaborative displays from day one.  But I felt it was appropriate for our independent practice to give them some scaffolds….like the category labels and starting points.

After they finished, I collected all of the papers and we put each one on our document screen and assessed them based on our anchor chart we were using as a data display checklist.  And I was floored with how far my firsties had come from day 1 of building graphs.  I said it in that first blog, but I think it’s worth repeating.  This growth and understanding would’ve NEVER happened if the only data experiences my kids had were coloring in pre-made graphs.  They wouldn’t have had to deal with the problems of starting point, gaps, overlaps, labels….

At the end of our unit, I did a summative assessment from my year long math assessment packet.  They counted and graphed the animals in my pre-made data display.  In this assessment, I was really more focused on the data analysis part of our standards.

You can find this assessment and many, many more {at least one for each first grade math standard, plus quarterly assessments} in my math assessments packet!

And don’t forget to grab my Spring Graphing Palooza Packet for all of the graphing fun I’ve been blogging about plus much, much more!  Or download the graphing bundle for year long experiences with data displays!

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