Guess My Landform STEM Game

We started our landforms unit this week in 2nd grade homeschool (thanks,
Corona!).  Guess my landform was super easy to prep for and my 2nd grade
LOVED it and begged to play longer.  Here how to play!

What You’ll Need

I wasn’t kidding when I said this game is VERY low prep.  All you HAVE to
have is play-doh.  We also used our
landform vocab cards, definitions and photo cards to play as well. (NOTE: these cards are small
because I printed them two to a page to save ink and the scale was perfect for
the homeschool or small group setting.  

Here’s the official list we used…

How To Play

The first thing we did was review our landform names and definitions.  I
laid out the
landform photo cards and gave Cooper the definition cards.  He read the definitions to me and
then laid them on top of the correct photo card.

This would be super easy to do whole group before you play the game as your
mini lesson.  The photo cards are all on one page in the landforms unit,
so it would be easy to go digital with this review by displaying the one page
of photos on your interactive board or in Zoom and reading aloud a definition
and asking kids to name the landform using the photos to help.

After we reviewed, we were ready to play.  I laid out the definition
cards.  Cooper chose a landform to create.  I set the timer for 2
minutes.  During that 2 minutes, he was expected to decide the landform,
and finish building it.  The timer was simply to keep us on track. 
You could use this in the classroom by setting a whole group timer, or if you
feel like your kids can self-regulate, they could play on their own without a
class timer.  My sweetheart can take extra long doing things so we have
been wearing our timer out! 🙂

Once he finished building (before the time was up…yay!), it was my turn to
guess what landform he made.  During the guesses, we had to tell what
landform it was and use the definition to justify our answer.  Cooper
made a volcano first.

And that’s it!  We took turns making and guessing the landforms. 
It’s really that simply.  And engaging!  Because, who doesn’t love
to play with play-doh??  

This activity and the landform cards can be found with this complete, Next Gen
landforms unit.

Landforms Next Generation Science Unit

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