Healing Sunday School Unit

We just finished our healing unit in preschool Sunday School.  And my littles had a BLAST learning about God’s healing power!  Here’s an overview of this engaging unit.

Healing Exploration Stations

For each bible unit, we have exploration stations for the first 10-15 minutes of our Sunday School class.  Kids can choose which station to go to.  (You can read more about that here.)
Our “hospital” dress up station was a HUGE hit this time and stayed crowded each Sunday!

Healing Bible Stories

After our exploration stations time, we come to our carpet circle and read our Bible story.  I use these readers available in my healing unit to read the story.  I add details during the story too, since this is set up as a “reader.”  Then, this story goes in our book nook for the kids to read during stations.

The Bible stories and readers included in this healing unit are: The Blind Man, The Deaf and Mute Man, The Paralyzed Man, Jarius’ Daughter and the Bleeding Woman, and Lazarus.

After Bible time, we pray while we are still in our circle.  We used this healing unit to talk about the power of laying our hands on our friends and praying for them! #socute #bestillmyteacherheart

Table Time

After prayer time, we go to our kidney table and color.  I play a song that goes along with our unit and we sing and color!  The song we used for this unit was, “Is Anything Too Hard?”  My little loved this one!

When we colored Lazarus, I even had friends who added green “stinky fume” lines! 🙂

Healing Games for Preschoolers

After our coloring time, we play a game or do a craft that goes with our lesson.  This doesn’t always work out for every single lesson, but for our healing unit, we had a game for almost each week!

When we learned about the blind man, we played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.


We we learned about the friends helping the paralyzed man get to Jesus, we used our creativity to find ways to get our “paralzyed” friend to “Jesus” too!

And our favorite…we wrapped our own Lazarus people and told them to “come forth” to be healed.

When we learned about Jarius’ and the woman’s faith to be healed, we made a healing craft by telling what we had faith that Jesus could heal on us.  **NOTE: we used washi tape for bandaids because my regular size bandaids were too big.  The mini bandaids would work great though!**

Line Up!

At the end of Sunday School, I walk our kids to children’s church.  Each week, the line leader gets to choose how we walk (like soldiers, etc…)  But during our healing unit, I choose how we walked based on our lesson.

Any guesses which week this was?

Yep, we were the blind leading the blind! LOL!

So many fun things to do with this unit to engage littles in learning about our foundational healing doctrine!  You can find the lesson plans and materials for this unit here or get 2 years of units here!

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