I Can Do Hard Things Game for Samson Bible Story

One of the things I work hard on instilling in my preschoolers at church and
at home is that you can do hard things.

I remember one day with Cooper when he was about 4 and he got into this habit
of telling us how he couldn’t do this, this, or this.  He would tell us,
“I can’t do it.  It’s too hard.”  After failing many times at
getting him to see that he could do it, we finally just met this
head-on and said, 

“You’re right.  It IS hard.  But…you can do hard things.”

And then one day, I made up a song to the tune of
The Farmer In the Dell to sing along with that statement.  (**side
note: Am I the only mom constantly making up songs for anything and
everything? Yes, I am?  Okay, well thanks!**)

I can do hard things,

I can do hard things,

With the help of God,

I can do hard things!

That song has served us well over the years!  And for that reason, it
showed up in our
Samson Bible unit
for my preschoolers at church.  During this unit, we play a “hard things”
game each week.  It’s kinda like a minute to win it for preschool

Here’s a look at the games we use to build our strength, courage, and
confidence so that even the littlest begin to understand that we can do hard
things using the Samson Bible story.

For each game, there are multiple levels of difficulty.  You can use this
to choose the level that best fits your kids.  Or, you can use it as a
way to start easy and talk about what happens when the game gets harder with
each new level!

Bead Stack

Materials: plastic beads

Directions: have kids try to stack the beads into a tower of 5 beads high.  **TIP:
You can get different sized beads depending on the fine motor skills of your

If they do well with that, try stacking 10 beads.  Last, try to stack a
tower of 5 or 10 beads in 1 minute or less!


Materials: chopsticks or pencils and pompoms

Directions: Use chopsticks or pencils as chopsticks to move the pompoms from one plate
to another.  For a harder level, do it in 1 minute or less.

Snow Tower

Materials: craft sticks and marshmallows

Directions: put the stick in your mouth.  Stack 3 marshmallows on the stick to
make a snowman.  To make it harder, make a taller snowman or do it in
less than 1 minute.

Cup Pyramid

Materials: red solo cups

Directions: Build a cup pyramid with 3 cups on the bottom.  You will need to model
this for the preschoolers and have a sample out for them to see.  To make
it harder, they can build one with 4 cups or 5 cups on the bottom or do it in
less than 1 minute.

Noodle Pickup

Materials: raw penne pasta and raw spaghetti noodles

Directions: Use spaghetti noodles to pick up the penne noodles with no hands.  See
how many you can do in 1 minute to make it harder.

These minute to win it like challenges are perfect for this
Samson Bible Unit
or for the classroom setting as you are trying to build confidence and
teamwork at the beginning of the school year.

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