Wizard of Oz Valentine’s Party

Party Day!  Such a fun last 2 weeks reading and studying the Wizard of Oz

…and today was a great celebration of everything we had learned…Valentine’s style!

The first thing I should make clear is that this was not solely my idea.  My sweet and more-creative-than-I-am teammate texted a few weekends ago with the inspiration for this party.  I was driving in the car with my husband, read aloud this fantastic idea and we (okay, mostly my more-creative-than-I-am husband) had added to her ideas in no-time!  After much collaboration…the result was uh-dor-uh-ble.  End of discussion!  And, I really thought this might be a time consuming party…but honestly, this party was pretty simple and not really any more difficult than a regular class party!  Here’s a look at everything that made this party a success!

Wizard of Oz Dress-Up

The thing that took the most time were the Tin-Man hats.

…and really, it was a pretty simple process.  I bought silver metallic scrapbook paper from my second home, Hobby Lobby.  I cut them in half (portrait).  Then folded the end in a cone shape and taped the seam in the back.  So, it wasn’t perfectly round in the back, but it still looked cute on the boys’ heads and super simple!  Once the cones were made, I just taped pieces of yarn on the inside and put felt heart stickers on the front!  I think they turned out perfect!

The girls got blue gingham ribbons tied in their hair!

Table Decorations

My teammate and I split the cost of the blue gingham tablecloths from Oriental Trading.  We got a 100 foot roll and I think between 2 classes we only used half of the roll.  Yay for one less thing to do for next year!  I added yellow napkins spread out as placemats and red plates.  Perfect color palette and el-cheap-o {my favorite!}

My back table was just a little too empty {I decorated while the kids watched the movie before the party}, and I had extra napkins, so….I had to make a yellow brick road!

Wizard of Oz Menu & Treats

We had so much fun coming up with snacks for this party!

This year we ordered pizza…although next year, I’m thinking there’s no need for pizza…just add pretzel sticks as “scarecrow stuffing!”

And, finally…my valentines for the kiddos…

Wizard of Oz Party Games

Every party has to have games…and these were just perfect!

Pin the heart on the Tin Man…I traced a cartoon tin man from my Smart Board on metallic poster board.  They had so much fun watching and giggling through each turn!  We played while they were eating which was a great time saver!

Winners who touched the actual heart, got some nuggets of “tin.”

Next game was my husband’s personal favorite and his claim to party-planning fame: Hot PoTOTO.

I forgot to take a pic of the adorable stuffed brown doggy my teammate bought, but we shared the “Toto” for our game…

Hot poTOTO, hot poTOTO,
Hot poTOTO, hot!
Hot poTOTO, hot poTOTO,
Hot poTOTO, stop!

As they got “out,” they were able to go back to their desk and open their valentine’s.  Winner got extra chocolate…although I looked so hard for a mini-Toto to give away!  Better luck next year!

Our last game was “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” musical chairs.  While the firsties were going through their valentines, I taped yellow construction paper bricks to our carpet.

We used the YouTube video of the yellow brick road song as our music!

Prizes for getting “out” of this game?  A yellow Twinkie “brick,” of course!

So thankful for my friend’s inspiration, my hubby’s party planning skills {ha!}…this party’s a keeper!


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