It’s Testing Season

It’s the testing season (testing season)
And ITBS is coming back,
The Benchmark test is here next week.
When teachers stress and try not to scream!
They’ll be bubblin’ their answer sheets!
Bubblin’ their answer sheets!
It’s the testing season (testing season)
So whoop-de-do and hickory dock
And don’t forget to watch the clock
’cause just exactly at 8 o’clock
They’ll be bubblin their answer sheets!
Bubblin’ their answer sheets…

Okay, can you tell that I’ve just finished 3 days of standardized testing and I’m a little delirious???

I’m apologize for my terrible rhyming, but that tune has been in my head all week and I just had to have a little bit of fun after staring at booklets of bubbles all. week. long!

For my non-teacher friends, ITBS week is when 6-8 year olds get to sit still for up to 2 1/2 hours at a time and bubble in answers to questions that are read aloud only twice (if they are lucky).

You didn’t hear me, sweet child? Too bad if you didn’t hear me the first two times, it’s not written down for you to read and I can’t repeat it or else I go to teacher jail…

You want a drink from your water bottle, sweetie? Too bad, wait until the next break.  If you drink from your water bottle now it might spill on the holy test booklet and that would send me to teacher jail too…

You want to use your crayons to help you multiply 8×3 since you don’t have scratch paper for that one, sweet firstie? Sorry.  You’re in a pickle there.  I know we use manipulatives and paper in class, but you can’t during the bubble test.  Put that crayon box away super fast and solve it in your head so I don’t have to go to teacher jail…

You want to use our resources around our room to help you with this question like I’ve trained you to do all year, precious girl? Nope, sorry. I had to cover our room with awesome bedsheets that totally welcome you into our classroom and make you feel at home for the test! 😉 Using those resources gets me sent to teacher jail….

Isn’t it beautiful?!?!  I’m always so excited to tear those old childhood bedsheets down as soon as our last day is over!  Makes this OCD teacher cRaZy!

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