Joseph’s Colorful Coat Craft

Happy Sunday!  I’m finishing up my last unit for my PreK Sunday School Bundle and it feels. so. good!  I’m so excited to be ending this project on Joseph!

One of the crafts we will be doing with this unit is making our own colorful coats.  So, of course, I had to try it out with my little one first!  Here’s how we made our paper bag Joseph coats!

STEP 1: Cut It Up!

Cut a large hole in the bottom of a large paper sack.  This will be the hole for the head so it needs to be big enough for your kid’s head to fit.  If your kiddo has a big head like mine… just keep cutting! 🙂

Then, on the sides, cut arm holes (about 5 inches in diameter).  Be sure and cut them close to the bottom of the bag where the head hole is.

Last, cut strips of construction paper lengthwise in 1-2″ strips.  If you have regular construction paper, you will most likely need to do horizontal stripes like shown in my pictures.  If you have the longer construction paper, you can do vertical stripes with that size!

Now you are ready for kiddos! 🙂

STEP 2: Glue the Strips

Using a glue bottle, add a strips one at a time horizontally or vertically (however your strip size works out for you)!

Make sure you glue strips of paper to both sides!  We didn’t glue strips on the sides…

Step 3: Wear the Coat

Isn’t he just the cutest model?  Okay, maybe I’m biased, but Cooper loves his colorful coat and loves to pretend play in it now!

Find this full Bible unit on Joseph and forgiveness here and 2 years of Sunday School units here.

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